About us

We are a family owned Australian business.

​We are extremely passionate about gut health and love learning about it and sharing our learnings to help educate and empower you.

The reason we are confident in our products and their health benefits is that our cultures are manufactured in Europe (where the milk fermenting tradition has been around for centuries and scientists have been studying its biological aspects for decades) and come as close as possible to resembling the microbial flora of the naturally fermented milk. Fermented foods have long been a hidden secret of the world's longest living cultures and it was not until recently that scientists started focusing their attention on the reported health benefits. We intend to monitor closely the state of scientific research in this area and report on the key developments. See our blog for the latest news on the benefits of fermented foods.  

Our Bio-kefir culture contains all strains of bacteria (less a small amount of streptococcus thermophilus (1-2%) and some subspecies of yeasts), which are present in the microbiome of a naturally fermented kefir. In addition, it also contains Bifidobacterium bifidum​ (which comprises the majority of your intestinal bacteria and has scientifically proven health benefits) and has a more gentle and palatable taste compared to kefir made of grains.

Our exclusive products - Bifidocomplex, Fitness Yoghurt and Symbiotic contain a truly unique and versatile complex of beneficial bacteria, with Bifidocomplex containing 7, Fitness Yoghurt - 10 and Symbiotic - 11 strains of bacteria. This versatility of the bacteria assists their resistance to gastric juices and enzymes and increases their chances to pass to the intestine and colonise your gut. 

Without much effort, using just milk and our cultures, you can make a classic yoghurt, kefir or any of our unique probiotic drinks and always be sure that they do not contain added sugar, artificial ingredients and fillers. For these and many other reasons you will not want to go back to the commercially made equivalents.

Our cultures do not come from genetically modified raw materials and are prepared in accordance with the European Directive (EC) 1829-1830/2003 and 1169/2011.

With up to 11 strains and billions of beneficial live bacteria, My Biodefence cultures will turn your milk into a truly unique natural probiotic product, which tastes like a yoghurt but is so much more!




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