Fermented Food Benefits Confirmed


If you think fermented foods and probiotics are just on-trend words thrown about as willy-nilly as kale, quinoa, and man-buns are these days, then you need to take note. Fermented foods and probiotics are not just terminology you can banter about, they offer some serious kick-in-the butt benefits for the health of your gut and your overall wellbeing.

So, why should you take fermented foods so seriously?

Sit back for a little journey I am about to take you on, as we pay special attention to science, and expert Dr Michael Mosley who is a GP, author and multi award-winner, who was also named Medical Journalist of the Year by the British Medical Association. Dr Mosley is one of the many medical experts who are increasingly sharing their knowledge of probiotics and encouraging us to include more fermented foods and probiotic drinks into our diet.

In his latest book, The Clever Guts Diet,  Dr Mosley says that,

"One of the reasons why fermented foods are so good for the gut is that, gram for gram, they contain a huge number of different microbes. The microbes in fermented foods are also far more likely than most other bacteria to make it safely down into your colon because they are extremely resistant to acid, having been reared in an acidic environment."

When referencing homemade probiotics that he now chooses to make at home, and is encouraging others to do so, Dr Mosley says,

"It's nice to think you're getting a good old burst of healthy microbes hitting your gut, but also these things are a delicious addition to the foods you eat. It's like a whole new food regime has hit our house. It's a whole new foodie experience." 

During the research undertaken by Dr Mosley, he examined 10 probiotic products, and found that a disappointing 60 percent of those products had nothing beneficial living in them. He believes that mass-produced, pasteurised probiotic products are ridden of their advantageous properties through the heavy processing.

In another study that he was involved in, supermarket fermented milk drinks and milk kefir were put under the microscope. 30 study participants were allocated either yoghurt-type supermarket drinks or the fermented kefir drinks. Stools of the study participants were examined, and after taking one drink every day for a month, those on the supermarket drinks showed no discernible variance in their gut microbiome at all. However, those on the fermented kefir drink demonstrated huge changes.

From this research, Dr Mosely fears that “manufacturers are just going to jump on this and start pumping out all sorts of strange and dodgy concoctions and label them prebiotics, probiotics and things like that, and yet few of them have any substantial evidence behind them."

That’s why My Biodefence also strongly believe that the most effective way to create beneficial live bacteria through fermented foods and probiotic drinks, is to make your own!

Accredited practicing dietitian, Charlene Grosse, also believes that probiotics are live organisms proven by research to contain many health benefits.

While we may envisage bacteria as a bad thing for our bodies, good bacteria that are found in probiotic foods are the same, if not very similar, to the 100 trillion microorganisms that flourish within our bodies and help us to function and thrive. For more detailed information, check out our article here about good bacteria that is great for your gut.

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