The Clever Guts Diet

Dr Michael Mosley is an award-winning UK TV science presenter and New York Times bestselling author.

He is known for his television series for the BBC including: Trust Me, I’m a Doctor; Pain, Pus and Poison: The Search for Modern Medicines; The Truth About Exercise; Eat, Fast and Live Longer, Inside the Human Body: The Young Ones and The Story of Science.

Besides, he wrote a number of awesome books, but of most interest to us is Michael’s latest groundbreaking book, The Clever Guts Diet, which provides scientifically proven ways to improve your gut health, control your appetite and boost your mood. See here for a brief intro to the book.

We had an amazing opportunity to meet this gut guru in person during his recent visit to Australia and have a chat about all things microbiome. 

Some of the things we learned are absolutely mind-blowing. For example, it turns out that your gut microbiome can take the bits of food your body can't digest and convert them into hormones and other chemicals. The study of how the creatures in our gut affect our brain is called 'psychobiotics' and is one of the most exciting areas of current biome research.

Further, scientists are now beginning to realise that gut microbiome can (amongst other things):

1. regulate your body weight - the microbes can decide how much energy your body extracts from the food you eat; and 

2. regulate your entire immune system - changing the mix of bacteria in your gut can reduce the number of coughs and colds you get, as well as the impact of a range of allergenic and autoimmune diseases.

These and other things and scientific findings are discussed in The Clever Guts Diet book and we are very excited to offer FREE copies of the book (signed by the author!) in exchange for the best recipe ideas!

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